Manoj Bajpayee’s Emotional Response: Tears Flow As Hansal Mehta Faces Ink Assault

Manoj Bajpayee: In a recent interview with Siddharth Kannan, Manoj Bajpayee opened up about his regrets regarding his fallout with filmmaker Hansal Mehta during their initial days of struggle. Reflecting on the challenging period, Bajpayee recalled the turmoil he faced as his career seemed to slip away. He expressed sorrow over the unjust treatment Mehta endured, such as when protestors threw ink on the filmmaker.

“It was a difficult time for all of us,” Bajpayee recounted. “My career was slipping away from me, a career which I got after a lot of hard work. Many other unwanted people got into the project, some because of me, some because of Hansal. Things weren’t right after that. Yes, you feel bad, but I’m not the sort of person who lets arguments affect him. What I feel bad is that Hansal had to go through all that protest and people putting ink on his face.

“When that happened, he doesn’t know this, I went to my bathroom and cried. How can this happen to someone like him? No matter what, Hansal always has been very supportive to me. When his mother died, my heart was broken because she used to feed me. The first thing she used to do whenever I used to land up at his (Hansal Mehta’s) place is to get food in front of me thinking he must not have eaten.”

A Moment of Heartache

Bajpayee shared a poignant moment of vulnerability he experienced when witnessing the backlash Mehta faced. He revealed how deeply he was affected by the incident, expressing empathy for his colleague’s ordeal.

“When that happened, he didn’t know this, I went to my bathroom and cried,” Bajpayee revealed. “How can this happen to someone like him?”


Navigating Through Turbulence

Despite the fallout, Bajpayee emphasised his resilience in overcoming challenges. He acknowledged the strain on his friendship with Mehta, recalling moments of heated arguments, yet highlighting the importance of moving forward from past conflicts.

“Even if you are strong, you can break down after a point,” Bajpayee admitted. 

He added, “Because of what happened, we ended up shouting at each other. But if you ask me today, I am not carrying it. It was all a part of the journey we went through, be it Hansal and me, be it Anurag (Kashyap) and me or be it Ramu (Ram Gopal Varma) and me. We had many fallouts. But the only problem I had was that my emotion was more of an anger. I used to take it out in an angry way. That used to offend my friends more. If I would have cried in front of them, they would not have been offended but my emotions always came out as anger. So whenever I used to vent out my frustration, the other person used to be thrown off completely.”

Emotional Outlets

Reflecting on his communication style during times of turmoil, Bajpayee acknowledged that his emotions often manifested as anger, inadvertently causing discomfort to those around him. He pondered on the impact of expressing vulnerability versus anger in interpersonal dynamics.

“My emotions always came out as anger,” Bajpayee confessed. “So whenever I used to vent out my frustration, the other person used to be thrown off completely.”

Collaborative Journey

Despite the challenges, Bajpayee and Mehta have collaborated on notable projects, including ‘Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar’ and ‘Aligarh’. Their professional journey together has seen its share of ups and downs, yet they continue to find common ground in their artistic pursuits.

Looking Ahead

Currently, Bajpayee is gearing up for his upcoming action-thriller ‘Bhaiyya Ji’, co-produced by his wife Shabana Raza Vajpayee. As he navigates through the complexities of his career and relationships, he remains committed to growth and resilience in the face of adversity.

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