Kyuryu Z’s ‘Nights With A Cat’ Confirms Third Season

In a purr-fectly timed revelation on Japan’s unofficial Cat Day, the team behind the anime adaptation of Kyuryu Z’s manga ‘Nights with a Cat’ (Yoru wa Neko to Issho) thrilled fans by announcing the eagerly awaited third season. The announcement came accompanied by two captivating visuals and a cleverly crafted fake ‘Neko Neko Shimbun’ newspaper ad, adding to the excitement.

Visual Treats for Fans

The staff shared two visually stunning glimpses into the upcoming season, teasing the return of beloved characters and setting the stage for another round of heartwarming and comedic adventures. The images, courtesy of Kadokawa, showcase the unique charm that has made ‘Nights with a Cat’ a beloved anime since its premiere.

Neko Neko Shimbun’s Clever Tease

Accompanying the visuals was a fake ‘Neko Neko Shimbun’ newspaper ad, skillfully designed to create a buzz around the third season. This playful approach to the announcement added an extra layer of creativity, engaging fans in the spirit of the beloved series.

Returning Cast and Characters

The anime’s third season promises the return of familiar voices, with Ayahi Takagaki reprising her role as Kyuruga, Satoshi Hino as Fuuta-kun, and Atsumi Tanezaki as Pi-chan. The chemistry among the cast members has been a highlight of the series, contributing to its success.

Success Story of ‘Nights with a Cat’

Originally posted on Kyuryu Z’s personal Twitter account, the manga quickly gained popularity, eventually being published in print by Kadokawa in Japan. The anime’s first season premiered in August 2022 and concluded with its 30th episode in January 2023. The second season, which aired from March 2023, continued the story for another 30 episodes, maintaining the charm that captivated audiences initially.

Global Appeal and Accessibility

With the anime available on its official YouTube channel, ‘Nights with a Cat’ has not only captured the hearts of Japanese audiences but has also reached a global fanbase. The English release of the manga by Yen Press further extends the series’ accessibility, allowing fans worldwide to enjoy the delightful narrative of living with an adorable furball.

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